Why I decided to make natural beauty products?

Hey there! Welcome back.

By now you may know from social media that I was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of eighteen.  If not, I will give you a brief overview of what happened.
I was getting ready for high school one morning, weeks before high school graduation.  I was straightening my hair and the next thing I remember is a bunch of firefighters and paramedics standing around me. They had informed me that I had a seizure, and they were going to bring me to the hospital.  After tests and neurologist appointments, I was diagnosed with epilepsy and immediately put on medication.

At eighteen, I didn’t want to believe it, I didn’t want to take it seriously.  I went against doctor orders and drank throughout university, ate bad, gained weight and essentially put my health at risk at having more seizures.

It took me several years, some bad experiences and some life lessons to finally snap out of it.  I wanted to live a healthier life style all around.  Not just eating healthier and working out, but also looking at what I was putting on my skin.  I began reading a few books and following some reputable beauty bloggers.  I realized that the amount of chemicals we were putting on our skin wasn’t healthy for us at all. And worse, no one was warning us!

The big companies are using these ingredients because they are cheaper than natural ingredients and beauty products will last longer with all the chemicals inside them.

I am still researching everyday and learning new things about chemicals and natural beauty, but here are THREE ingredients you may want to avoid.  There are certainly more, but I will list three for now:

1.       PARABENS

We have heard this one before.  Parabens are commonly used to help prevent bacteria and mold growth in your products.  They can also be disruptive to your hormone levels.  If there are parabens in your shampoo, face wash, lotion, etc. you are essentially putting those chemicals right into your bloodstream which in turn can affect your hormone levels.


 This is another common chemical that often comes up.  In 2011, formaldehyde became known as a human carcinogen and after testing found that it was causing rare forms of cancer.
Formaldehyde can be found in quite a few hair products, nail products and false lash adhesives.  

 3.        TALC

Talc is typically found in a lot of cosmetic powders, blush, deodorant. It is used to help absorb moisture. Talc has been linked to ovarian cancer and respiratory issues.

According to Environmental Defence Canada, the average woman uses a dozen personal care products every day.  Women have soaked, lathered, spritzed herself in 126 different chemicals, many of which are toxic, before they even leave the house.

I urge you to take a good look at the cosmetics that you are purchasing.  The marketers and manufacturers are great at selling you on a beauty fantasy, but do they have your health in mind?
A great list to reference is: Health Canada – Cosmetic Ingredient Hotlist: Prohibited and Restricted Ingredients


I have started to change my beauty products to natural. I am creating natural beauty products. I care about my health and yours. 

Tara (TOK)

Sources: National Institutes of Environmental Health Sciences, “There’s Lead In Your Lipstick”, Health Canada

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