Five Ways to Increase Self-Love!

So maybe you’re reading this because you’re struggling with low self-esteem, or you’re thinking some days are better than others when it comes to loving yourself.  Am I right?

Trust me, I have looked in the mirror one too many times and criticized myself. Why can’t I have a flat stomach like that girl on Instagram? Why doesn’t my hair grow longer? Was that person right when they said I wasn’t good enough? We all do it!

I have recently changed my mindset.  I didn’t want to look in the mirror and hate what I saw.  I didn’t want to hang out with people that were going to upset me. I changed my thinking, I looked at my values, and I adjusted my life accordingly. It’s amazing what the mind can do!

Here are five simple strategies you can follow to love yourself more:

  1. Detach yourself from Toxic People

This one is the most important strategy in my opinion! You need to step back and evaluate who is in your life and decide if they align with your values. Are there people in your life that are constantly putting you down? Telling you what to do rather then encouraging you? Telling you that you aren’t good enough? Let me tell you that those people are toxic. My advice: Detach yourself from those toxic people.  Hang around people that are ambitious and make you a better person.  Head out to networking events and social gatherings on a topic that you are interested in.  You will meet new people, and bonus, they will be interested in the same subject as you!

You are enough. You are your only limit. Always remember that.

  1. Be optimistic – Don’t complain

I recently read the book “The Secret” which basically says that if you put positive vibes into the universe, good things and good people will come your way.  If you continually complain and think negatively, bad things will come your way.

I fully believe in this.  If you look in the mirror or think of yourself with a negative mindset: “I don’t like the way I look!” “I wish I wasn’t so big” “I wish that guy would like me” then you are going to attract self-doubt, complaining, judgment and worry.


  • Be thankful that you are alive to see another day.
  • Accept yourself unconditionally.
  • Focus on your present goals and what you want to achieve for the future.
  • Practise acts of kindness.
  • SMILE!
  1. Listen to Music!

First thing I do when I wake up is pet my dog, second thing I do is turn on music! I start my day every morning with music. It makes me happy.

Think of shows like Ellen DeGeneres. How does she start her show? She makes everyone laugh with a short comedic monologue and then immediately throws on music and begins dancing with her audience.  The audience is automatically put into a good mood.

What about at a wedding or special event?  The party is typically the most fun when you get to start dancing to your favourite music!

Sure, there are ‘break up’ songs and ‘slow dance’ songs, but we are happiest when the music is upbeat.  Happiness means that our stress levels are down, our positive thinking is increased, which in turn increases our self confidence.

  1. Live a Healthy Lifestyle

You may know by now that I was over-weight in my 20s.  I can say that I did not fully love myself.  I knew that all the weight wasn’t fully my fault, some was due to epilepsy medication, but I couldn’t use it as a crutch anymore if I wanted to be healthy.

First thing I cut out of my diet was alcohol for 8 months, I noticed right away that my mind was clearer, and I was happier.  With so many ‘diet plans’ I decided to turn to a health coach to help me make a meal plan and workout plan for the gym. None of this was easy, I had to put in the work! After a year, I had lost 40 pounds, and gained some lean muscle. Most importantly, I did this for myself. I wanted to look and feel better for me. My advice: If you are stuck, talk to a professional health coach. Don’t pick a fad diet you won’t stick to and aren’t sure if it is even healthy for your body. Professional health coaches do their research and know what’s best! Two I would recommend are @realistic.holistic and @taycfitness

  1. Get yourself ready!

Take an hour or two of the day for yourself! Whether that’s go to a yoga class, online shop, or get dolled up.  You need some ‘me time’

I personally love getting ready.  By this, I mean putting on makeup and throwing in some curls/waves in my hair.

What I love about wearing makeup is that it enhances my natural beauty.  Mascara for example tints my blonde lashes, and eyeliner outlines my eyes, which in turn pops by bright blue eyes. Lashes enhance my eyes even more, so if I feel like I want a bolder look, I will add a pair of lashes.

Bronzer, blush, and highlighter all give my skin a nice glow, while lip gloss and lipstick allow me to add a splash of colour on my lips.

Everyone uses makeup to express themselves differently.  But I believe that taking time out of your day, even if it’s once in a while, to ‘doll yourself up’ will increase your self confidence!


Do you have other ways to help improve self-love? Comment below and share them with us!
As always, stay beautiful inside and out, beauties!

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