TIPS for Applying your IT TAKES TWO magnetic lashes!

First, I just want to start off by saying thank you.  Thank you for purchasing a pair of what seem to be a crazy invention!

When I designed the first ever silk three magnet, magnetic lashes, I had three goals in mind:
1. Provide women with an affordable option that didn’t have toxic glues.

2. Provide women with an option that was easier for them to apply but still high quality.

3. Make women feel more beautiful and love themselves – the TOK Beauty mission!

I am not going to lie, as a makeup artist I found the magnetic lashes easy to apply from the beginning.  As soon as I designed them with my manufacturer, I knew I was never going to wear glue on lashes or go to a lash extensions appointment ever again. I wanted to get them into the market ASAP knowing that my product was going to get replicated.

I launched the CLASSIC and AU NATUREL – SHORT version first.  Three magnets and 2.5cm across the eyeline.  Some people found it easy to apply, I was thrilled.
Others had a bit more trouble, and I knew I had to come up with a solution.  I then launched the TOK Beauty Lash Applicator.  Placing one lash on top, and one lash on the bottom of the lash applicator, you can then snap the lashes on at the same time.

See the tutorial here.

I still had a couple requests for some tips.  So, below are a list of my best tips! I hope they help.

  1. Apply mascara and eyeliner! Our new LASHLUV mascara is a great option 🙂
    Mascara will provide your lashes with a base for the lashes to grip or hold onto to.
    Eyeliner will blend the band into your eyeline – the lash has a black cotton band.
  2. Grab the top lash first and bend the band. Don’t be afraid to really bend it! The more curved the band is to your eyeline, the more natural it will look on your eye.
  3. Once you bend the top band, place it to the side outside of the box so that it doesn’t straighten out again.
  4. Grab the bottom lash and bend it upwards to go with the natural curve of your eyeline.
  5. Now you have two options – use the lash applicator, OR use your hands.
    1. If you use the LASH APPLICATOR – make sure the magnets are facing each other and that the lashes are going in the same direction as your natural lashes.  Then you just go in and clamp them on! Easy, peasy.
    2. If you use your hands – grab the top lash, place it on top of your natural lash. Try not to move too much or blink while grabbing the bottom lash. Open your eye up and snap the bottom lash as close as you can to your eyeline! Don’t be scared. See a tutorial here.
  6. Blend in with mascara and eyeliner to any natural lashes that may not have been covered with the magnetic lash.

and voila! You have a full set of lashes on!

Hope this helped beauty!

TOK soon,
Tara xo


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