What’s the difference between the MAGNETIC LASH styles?

I get this question quite often, so I thought I would lay it all out.

First, there are two styles of our IT TAKES TWO magnetic lashes:
1. CLASSIC and

CLASSIC is a more volumous/full lash. It is longer in length from the root of your lash going outwards. Our CLASSIC lash is typically worn on a night out, or if you are wanting to look more ‘glam’!

AU NATUREL is our more natural looking lash. It gives your naturel lashes more volume without giving them too much additional length. They are still a lash extension, you will still know you have extensions, but they will be more natural looking versus glam.

Here is a comparison photo on me:


We also have three band lengths. This is the length going across your eyeline.
They are labelled as SHORT, MEDIUM and LONG.
SHORT is 2.25 cm across your eyeline
MEDIUM is 2.5cm across your eyeline
LONG is 3cm across your eyeline and has four magnets vs. three.

Here is a photo showing you the comparison of lengths:


SHORT is our easiest to apply do to the fact that it is the smallest lash. That being said, it may only go ¾ the way across your eyeline. If this occurs, my best tip is to blend in the lash band with eyeliner across your entire eyeline as well as blend in the inside lashes (closest to the bridge of your nose) with mascara. You can use our LASHLUV mascara as our mascara wand has a small applicator at the end. Our SHORT lashes are also not as dramatic and full as the MEDIUM and LONG lashes.

MEDIUM tends to fit most eye shapes and lengths. It is a bit trickier to apply as the band is a little bit longer, however you can use the free lash applicator to apply them. MEDIUM in both our CLASSIC and AU NATUREL are more dramatic than the SHORT style. The lashes are fuller and therefore look more dramatic when placed on your eye.

LONG has four magnets. The nice thing about the LONG band, is that you can cut it into two or three pieces and place the lash on in a more controlled way. Like the MEDIUM lash, the LONG lash is also more dramatic than the SHORT style in both the CLASSIC and AU NATUREL.
All our lash styles and lengths come with a FREE lash applicator to assist with applying them.

You can also find additional information and how-to videos at www.tokbeauty.com/FAQ or additional tips for applying on my last blog post here.
Still unsure which lash style you want to purchase? Send us a selfie to hello@tokbeauty.com and we will help you out! If you are ready to grab a pair, get them here!


TOK soon,
Tara xo

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