How I quit my 9-5

You might be thinking that 2019 is the year you quit your daily 9-5 job. Am I right? You want to follow your dreams but you don’t know where to start or how to do it. I get it.

For me, I did not want to quit my 9-5 at first.  I was working in sales in oil and gas, and I was loving it.  I was making great connections with clients, I was getting paid tons of money, I had amazing hours, and then the market crashed. I didn’t quit my 9-5, I was laid off.

This forced me to think about what I really want to do. Do I want to get another sales job in another industry? Do I want to move back to Ontario? I had just got settled in a new city and none of those things felt like the right option for me. I decided to look for a job in an industry that I had always loved and done on the side for fun: beauty.

My only experience in the industry was doing makeup part-time.  I knew I needed more experience and I also wanted to become a certified makeup artist. I ended up landing an amazing opportunity at a boutique salon and spa in Calgary, and the owners were both very entrepreneurial like myself.  I learned from them and worked for them as a receptionist and part-time spray tan artist, but I knew that this wasn’t going to be my final stop. I missed sales, I missed being out and connecting with people, and I wanted to do more makeup.

I started TOK Beauty as a makeup artist doing makeup for events and photoshoots, and as a distribution company selling other brands products.  I sold products for SunnaSmile, SunnaTan, and LiaReese Canada.  I quickly switched focus and decided to start manufacturing my own natural beauty products.  It has not been easy but I couldn’t be happier and it has led me to a business I love.

It’s amazing what can happen in a couple years. I thought being laid off from a six figure job was going to be terrible, but it turned out to be a push in the right direction.

Sometimes you have to trust in the process.  You have to ride the ups and downs, don’t listen to the doubters, and power through to reach your goals. I may not have a 9-5 anymore, but I have a 24/7 now. I am writing this blog at 6pm on a Saturday night. While it may seem glamorous that I own my own business and make my own hours, just remember that I have to pay myself now or I don’t get paid. That being said, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

And that is how I ‘quit’ my 9-5. Comment below with your dreams!

TOK soon,


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