She’s the real deal. She’s The BirdsPapaya.

By now we all know that I am on a mission to instil self-love and self-confidence with TOK Beauty. My goal in 2019 is to connect with green beauty bloggers, industry experts, celebrity makeup artists, and self-love advocates to do just that. We are all on the same mission on social media so I want to tie it all together and bring it all to you!

So here we go…

This girl is the real deal. I mean that whole heartedly. If you are struggling finding self-love, she will help you understand your worth. Have a little extra weight? Have some stretch marks? Going through divorce and feel alone? She gets it and loves helping others love themselves for who they are and what life hands them. Social media is her life journal, and I suggest you follow along.

Who is this girl? Her real name isn’t BirdsPapaya, it’s Sarah Nicole and I caught up with her to ask her a few questions.

What does self-love mean to you?

“It’s love as an action word. It’s not always a feeling, but tangible choices that create a loving relationship between you and your body. Whether it’s mindset, your food, or your movement. It’s all love.”

At what point did you just say ‘enough is enough’ and begin the journey to self-love?

“I had lost over 100lbs and I still didn’t feel it. All I had been shown or told before was that weight loss equalled happiness and feeling comfortable in your own skin. But, I didn’t feel that at all. I was insecure, lonely, and felt like I was never going to be good enough. Until I started shifting my thinking (and who I paid attention to on social media) and then started to believe my own worth.
How do you unconditionally love those closest to you?
Unconditional love is funny to wrap your head around sometimes. It’s like in those days when you don’t exactly “LIKE” them, but you love them. It’s a guttural reaction that can’t always be explained. You do things for them that go outside of what you’d normally do. It’s accepting and safe.”

What’s one thing you recommend people do everyday to be more at peace with themselves?

“To be aware of what they’re taking in and be aware of what they’re speaking to themselves. What you view on social media impacts us, what we read, what we watch, it’s all intake and our brains are computing a response to it all. Following positive humans, messages, reading, watching and listening to those that can help you on your journey are SO key. Then, be very aware of how you speak to yourself. When you feel that self-hate creeping in, immediately shut it down. Don’t give it the time or energy. It’s a bully in your mind, and it’s time to walk away.”

What is your number one beauty tip?

“MOISTURIZE!! It’s so so so important. I moisturize day and night and it makes a huge difference in my skin.”

What’s your go-to beauty product?

“Aquaphor. I use it at night on my lips and under my eyes.”

Sarah recently left her 9-5 to spend more time with her family, focus on her own business, and join the team at Knix Wear. Knix is “an intimate apparel brand on a mission to inspire all women to live unapologetically free”

Was it scary leaving your 9-5?

“For. Sure. It’s like a security blanket. Something of a routine and a social life. Leaving that meant venturing on my own and creating my own boundaries and self-managing.”

What’s your go-to Knix product?

“The padded v-neck and the every body suit as well as the leakproof thongs. Those three are on a regular rotation in my life.”

Now that you have read some of these answers, don’t you want to head over and follow her?
Sarah also appreciates the quality of TOK Beauty and lives a vegan lifestyle, much like the products we launch today.
We are excited to continue following her journey.

Thank you, Sarah!

Xo, Tara
TOK Beauty



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