The unstoppable – Kait Hargreaves

TV & Film Makeup Artist to celebrities like Jillian Harris, Kaitlin is one of the most hilarious and nicest people you will ever meet. Mom to a little pup named Spanky, and raising two little gentleman with her boyfriend Keith, this girl is unstoppable in the business world. She has collaborations with two clothing lines, does animal portraits, and also has a dream makeup studio in her house for clients!
Not following Kait? You’re missing out.

I asked her a few things about her career so far:

How did you become a makeup artist and why did you choose makeup?

I was first introduced to makeup in the musical theatre world! Backstage we would have makeup artists and hairstylists helping with our costume changes etc. I’ve always loved makeup and doing my friends nails and I just decided I would go to school for it and see if I could make a career from it.

How did you end up working with Jillian Harris?

Jill and I met on the set of Love it or List it back in 2012!

What’s your favourite type of makeup to do?

I love bridal/beauty makeup. Making women look and feel amazing, but I absolutely LOVE special FX/fantasy makeup.

How do you like TOK Beauty Magnetic Lashes?

I think they’re great! Once you get the hang of them they’re super simple and quick to use, and there’s NO GLUE MESS afterwards !

What’s your best/favourite beauty tip?

Tight line the upper waterline with a waterproof black eyeliner. This will make your lashline look extra full and make your eyes pop!

How do you juggle your busy life of Keith, the boys, your career, beauty and fashion sharing + collaborations?

Haha. It’s tough sometimes. Everyone has to work… but family comes before work for me. Maintaining strong relationships with the people I care about, knowing I can go away for work and my personal life won’t fall apart helps me stay motivated in my career. Also having their support and understanding allows me the flexibility to be creative and take spontaneous opportunities.
Kaitlin keeps it real on social media. She is a no BS kind of girl, with the biggest heart, and everyone appreciates her for that!

She is currently hiring makeup artists in her area – head over to her page for more information and give her a follow while you’re at it!

Thanks for the laughs, Kait!

TOK soon,


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