What happens to magnetic lashes in the wind? I’ll show you!

I get this question A LOT! “Tara, what if I am wearing my IT TAKES TWO Magnetic Lashes and they just fly off in the wind?”
Beauties! Not to worry. They will stay put. I promise.

I even tested this myself by pointing a Dyson blow dryer at my face while wearing the lashes. Don’t believe me? Video proof is right here!

I also get asked if the lashes will stand the test of water. The lashes will stay on, however they will get damaged faster by being submerged in water. Our IT TAKES TWO lashes are made of silk, so they do need to be handled with care.

Going on vacation? Taking a shower?
Take those magnetic lashes off to enjoy the sun on vacation, and while washing your face in the shower. When you are getting ready, pop them back on!

There is always our LASHLUV mascara that you can apply during the day.  It is semi-waterproof for those vacation days!

If you’re not sure what size to grab, head over to our LASH SIZE GUIDE and we will personally help you out.

As always, remember that you are beautiful as you are.

TOK soon!

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