Let’s ‘TOK’ Beauty. You are more than enough.

When we are little kids we weren’t programmed by social media, friends, or family that we weren’t good enough. That we need to be skinnier, wear our makeup a certain way, or dress a certain way.
As little ones we are rubbing spaghetti all over our faces, jumping in muddy puddles, and asking for more candy and chips.

Once we hit elementary school and high school, things change.  Kids now have social media, they must have the ‘perfect selfie’, be ‘skinny’, and have the ‘perfect outfit’. Bullying increases and comments are made to make them feel like they are not good enough anymore.

Everyone preaches ‘beauty is on the inside’ but then more and more beauty and fashion influencers are popping up everyday showing girls tips and tricks on how to change their appearances completely. What to wear, and how to contour their face and body to make them appear skinnier and ‘more appealing’, rather than enhancing their natural beauty, being healthy, and increasing self-love.

I grew up in a generation where cell phones and social media didn’t exist in my teens.  Facebook launched when I was in University. We grew up inventing our own fashion trends and wearing our makeup the way we wanted to (if our parents let us).

Am I saying young women should not wear makeup if they want to? HECK NO! I obviously love makeup. I design and create it! I think makeup is an exciting and effective way to reveal what is unique about your inner self. Our IT TAKES TWO lashes, for example, make my eyes pop and I love that!

I am saying the beauty industry should instead provide women with options that enhance their natural beauty and give them that ‘WOW, I look and feel good’ feeling in the mirror. If that means throwing on some lipstick, mascara and lashes, do it! These options should be cruelty free, free of toxins, and good for your skin.

My favourite thing about traveling around and spreading self-love is that look in the mirror after I do someone’s makeup or they throw on a pair of TOK lashes.

That’s my mission with TOK Beauty.  Bringing out that inner beauty and self-love. We are all the face of it! Will you join me in building this brand?

Since we are talking about school, your homework for today is to go and look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you look good.  Channel your inner child and drown out what the world is making you think you should look like.  You are more than enough.

Once you do that – tag me in a post or comment below! Let’s spread self-love.

TOK soon,


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